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Tips on How to Discover Fake Morgan Silver Dollars Before Buying Them


Before buying the Morgan silver dollars, one should know that there are also the ones which are counterfeits. An individual might end up having a worthless dollar after he has spent a lot of money while purchasing them. An individual should understand that it is difficult to discover the fake coins and thus, one is supposed to be careful while buying them since also the counterfeits are also found in the market. There are a couple of hints that one should follow whether he owns the coins or may want to purchase them.


You should consider some factors when buying this american eagle silver dollar coins like identifying the content of the metal. You should also see whether the currency is magnetic, if it is not magnetic, then the coin is fake. The fake Morgan silver dollar most likely appears to be gold like and is attracted to an earth magnet which one can be sure that the coin must be counterfeit.


The sound of the coin also matters a lot. Silver dollar coin from other metals differ from those from the silver, and this is because the sound that comes from the silver coin is high and tends to be of sharp sound compared to those of other metals. Metals composed by other metals have a different sound, so when an individual can observe that, then he might not end up buying fake ones.


Considering the weight of the coin, the counterfeit Morgan silver dollar differs from the standard ones. The weight of an original Morgan silver dollar can vary depending on how it has been circulated. Some may weigh less since they have distributed for an extended period which makes them become worn hence weighing less. It is also vital to measure the diameter and its thickness for one to be sure. There are some tools that one is supposed to use to measure the Morgan silver thickness known as a caliper. It is a kind of machine used to measure the width and height of the coins. Should you wish to learn more about coins at https://www.dictionary.com/browse/money.


An individual should have in mind that the counterfeits Morgan silver dollar have an added mint mark which is used in adding or reducing the value of the coin. When the mint mark is removed, it is known that the value of that coin has been increased. Thus an individual should learn that the Morgan silver dollar which is original does not have the mint marks compared to fake ones which contain the mint marks.